16 Women & You

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16 Women & You is dedicated to women who either have a creative side hustle, or have transitioned a part-time creative endeavor into a full-time professional career.

The Process:

Over the next 12 months , I will begin interviewing and capturing images of women who would  be a good fit for this project.  At the end of the interview process, I will feature part of the interview along with a sampling of the portraits in an exhibition.


Over the course of time, I have worked and interviewed a bunch of high profile women. Women who have solid followings  and have high end clients. Women who also  pursue a successful creative career. I collaborate with female professionals from;  artists, designers, to health and life coaches. I have met other coaches, marketing and tech savvy women.  I have a decent understanding of today’s social media marketing and what kind of energy it needs to have. Social media has the ability to have a good impact on our society and opens many different  doors to theses women’s  success and it can also have a negative impact on women’s lives. It can be overwhelming, it can be manipulating, it can make you envious. It can also create feelings of negative self worth or your life is just boring and not enough.

Out of this results conversations where women create internal statements like :

“She has a lot of connections in the right places and I don't -that must be why she is so successful.”


“She has a wealthy family and husband, and has super social friends or a big team who manages her daily business.”.

“Yes, the right connections will help you. Congrats if you have this wealthy husband or family, but what does wealth mean to you?

This is how i try to shift those conversations, to make a shift in women's mindset. Yes, in those tiny squares you see the leverage lifestyle.  Still you are shocked when you read or listen to an article that says a women with $500k also has a dayjob as a bank teller.

But do you know if these women are truly happy? For many of us success equals being wealthy.. When you are wealthy, you create a visual image which evokes those emotions.

Founder of 16 Women& You   Annika Bielig Bussmann

Founder of 16 Women& You 

Annika Bielig Bussmann

I can not create a shift with just one art project and change societies perspective. I can make an impact and start do something good and create an honest portrait /image of female creatives. Women, who still have an day job or a normal daily life.

If you live in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Berlin, Hamburg, Muenster or know of someone who would be a good fit for this project. Please connect me with them either via email hello@annikabieligbussmann.com or via

Instagram @annikabbussmann or @purwomen.