Annika Bielig Bussmann

Hi! I’m Annika.

I’m a German girl living in Portland, Oregon and a former nutrition coach turned photographer. I specialize in working with artists, makers, entrepreneurs and wellness professionals, helping them tell their stories and celebrating the visionaries who give the world character, color and light.

Though my work is used for a variety of purposes, I’m a storyteller at heart. I prefer to shoot in my client’s workspaces, homes or in natural environments that showcase the process: the paint on the canvas, the hands on the potter’s wheel or the healing practice at work. I believe art comes from the heart, and your photos should be shot with heart too! My goal is to truly capture the beauty of your work so you can connect with your audience.

For me, photography is my art. It’s both exciting and calming, my “me time” and my way to give back to the artists and businesses that inspire me. I bring this same feeling of ease into my shoots, creating an environment where you can escape and invest in yourself (don’t be surprised if I take you out for a cup of tea to get to know you before our shoot!). My natural eye for aesthetics and my natural ability to understand people helps me capture beautiful images, filled with emotion and personality.

When I’m not snapping photos, I am a wife, a mama and an
Airbnb host, welcoming new friends from all over the world. Whether I’m hosting a guest or photographing a client, I love creating connection through my craft – connecting with you, and helping you connect to your customers.