Annika Bielig Bussmann

Hello, I’m Annika - a Portland, Oregon-based portrait and lifestyle photographer, 'along the West Coast and beyond.'


I have always been a traveller, an explorer of the world as well as the heart. On my adventures with my husband, I picked up a camera to hold moments in time, to remember the cultures and people around me. What I found was that the camera was more than a tool to take photographs, it was a vehicle for connection.  The process gives me a window into something deeper, an opportunity for me to change my subjects- and for them to change me.

As we explore our world together, I’d be honored to travel by your side, helping you seek grounding, self-acceptance through photography, nature and the resilience of the spirit. Whether in a photography collaboration or in one of my creative workshops , I hope we get to work together soon. To learn more about my approach and aesthetic, visit my galleries.