Annika Bielig Bussmann

Hello, I’m Annika, a Portland, Oregon portrait and lifestyle photographer; an artist who helps women connect with their bodies; and a spiritual and wellness event photographer for the Pacific Northwest, California and beyond.


I have always been a traveller, an explorer of the world as well as the heart. I picked up a camera on my adventures with my husband to hold moments in time, to remember the cultures and people around me. What I found was that the camera was more than a tool to make photographs, it was a vehicle for connection, giving me a window into something deeper, an opportunity for me to change my subjects and for them to change me.


As I explored these connections, especially with fellow women, I was captivated by the transitions, transformations and joy that we experience. Emotions we hold in our bodies and souls made manifest on photo paper. After I became a mother and experienced deep trauma and transcendence of my own, I began photographing women that needed to heal, that needed to reconnect with their power, their beauty and their joy.


Now I work with women on three projects: Honest & Wild, The Portrait Project and Events.


Honest & Wild is a transformative photography experience set in nature. Women unfold as they are: sad or happy, serene or anxious, clothed or nude, and reconnect with their bodies and spirits through the medium of photography. As an artist, I hold space for the emotional process, facilitate mind/body connection, and capture the transformation for each of my subjects. They leave with beautiful photos of themselves and a renewed sense of self-love. To inquire about my availability and share your vision of your personal Honest & Wild experience, click here.


My portrait project visits women in their element, capturing them as they want to be seen, where they feel the most powerful and wise. Each session is different and starts with a frank conversation with each woman on theme and setting. My heart-centered approach means that beyond authentic photos, my portrait clients explore their personal symbolism and inspiration. Always, I strive to photograph diverse clients, from female business owners, to tattooed moms and beyond.  To book a portrait session with me click here. 


One of the most powerful ways women connect is in shared supportive spaces. For many years I’ve worked to capture this energy by photographing women (and men) at wellness and spiritual retreats, yoga workshops, nature meditations in the Pacific Northwest, California and worldwide. As an event photographer, creating a visual journal of these events helps attendees hold on to the high-vibe energy and create memories that renew them until the next year’s event. To see if I’m available to photograph your event in the Pacific Northwest, California or elsewhere, click here. 


As we explore our world together, I’d be honored to travel by your side, helping you seek grounding, self-acceptance through photography, nature and the resilience of the spirit. Whether in a photography collaboration or in one of my creative workshops , I hope we may work together soon. To learn more about my photos and style, visit my galleries



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