Annika Bielig Bussmann

We both know that it takes two sides to connect, so I’d like to introduce you to the woman behind the camera. Me! I’m originally from Germany but my husband and I moved to Portland, Oregon 8 years ago and fell in love. While we loved it in Portland, getting connected wasn’t the easiest thing and we needed the support and fun of a community, so I made sure I had one; by building it myself. Later, once I became pregnant with my son, being a new mama in a different country still had it’s challenges but was far easier with my community around.

Of course it wasn’t just about the friendships. For me, community is about more than just knowing people, but knowing what they do and where they do it. I love meeting the makers, artists and entrepreneurs wherever I am, because these are the people that give places their character, aren’t they?

As I continued to meet people and hear their stories, I only wanted more. I wanted to know more about them as well as to find more ways to support them in their passions and visions. This is when my photography business was born. It didn’t take long either. My natural eye for esthetic and design helped me master my craft quickly. I hit the ground running and began capturing makers, bloggers and visionaries wherever I went. (see my gallery)



Naturally, I couldn’t stop there! I also run an AirBNB out of my home and, being international, a mom and an entrepreneur, I get so excited about my visitors and their stories. They arrive, excited to discover the best places, food, tea and coffee - and you can only imagine, I always have my recommendations for them.

Then one day I realized I could easily blend my talents together, supporting art, lifestyle and travel enthusiasts, like myself, in more ways than one! I decided to lead them on tours so they can skip the guess work, and go straight to the most beautiful (photo friendly) spots with the best shops, best coffee and food, and my favorite, matcha.

Yes, I’m a photographer. But also I know how hard it can be to plug into a city, so I help my community to be known and supported by bring them together through art and creativity. I give them a local view of the city through both my lived experience as well as my eye for design.  What could fit better than that?

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