Bethany Bauman- Visual Designer& Creative Director

I can truly say without this rad woman, the 16 Women & You would not be where it is right now. We have been introduced through another amazing lady and met for a coffee and knew this is the perfect fit for the project and beyond. Bethany is this kind of person, that you meet and you can endlessly talk to and hold the connection, regardless of distance or time.

She is in my eyes, the perfect example of why community is important, especially as a creative . Bethany is a one-woman studio specializing in brand development, through multi-disciplinary visual design, advocacy, education and art direction. 

Get inspired and read about her insights around community and social media . And I can only hope one of you has the chance to meet her or work with her.



How would you describe what you're currently doing in life in under 2 minutes?

I provide design for a pretty vast array of brands around the world! (I'm pretty excited about it, too!) To give a little snapshot, this week I'm working on brand development for a brewery in Illinois, a bike courier business in Austin, a cannabis brand in Portland, and a decommissioned hospital in Omaha currently being converted into a really incredible live/work/play location. Every day is a completely new and fresh venture- not just in work, but also in location, as I am able to work remotely.

If you had to start your career from scratch again, what would you do differently?

This is such a tough question to answer, because every single twist and turn has made me show up the way I do in my work life- and every heartbreak and failure has felt like a complete rerouting toward new opportunities, better fits, and more solid alignment with clients and partnerships. However, there are three areas I'd love a 'redo' in: 

(1) I'd take a few business law/finance classes, (2) I'd have started my own retirement fund 5 years earlier, and (3) I would have sought out intentional mentorship and more deep/ongoing collaborations earlier in my career.



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What do you love the most bout your life, and what is something you would like to change? 

What I love the most= Freedom! I've been blessed with freedom to continue doing work I'm proud of for kind clients who make meaningful contributions to their communities. The freedom to choose not to participate in work for products or companies who are destructive to our communities. The freedom to work from literally anywhere on the planet (with wifi!) I wouldn't change much...maybe the ability to take a real vacation someday, where I fully unplug? I'm working on that one.

What role does social media have in your life? Do you feel your feed plays a necessary role in your professional life?

I have one active account on Instagram, which is my most-used social media platform. To be honest, I'm still figuring out how to appropriately share what I'm working on, who I am and what I'm emotionally processing daily- all in authentic ways. I'm not sure what role social media plays in my professional life, but with my demeanor and skillset, I can say I'm grateful it's not a necessary one.



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How important are your community and network to your life?

 My. Community. Is. Everything. I truly don't understand the concept of a self-made person. We're all in this together, and I wouldn't be anywhere without my accountant, or the web developers, architects, production artists and clients I partner with. Or my sweet design peers, who are available (literally, 24/7) offering feedback, cheering- and snacks. 

How can women better support each other in the future? 

The potential of this is endless, but I believe that fundamentally, we simply choose to support one another. It's quite simple.There is truly room for all of us here, and we have so many opportunities (read: responsibilities!) o cheer one another on. I'm pretty proud of the way this has been demonstrated in my own life, as I know some pretty fabulous ladies.

What is one of your goal for the year ahead?

Woah, kind of a lot in the next calendar year- we'll see if all of them happen! I'll be releasing an EP I've been writing for nearly 5 years- possibly retrofitting a vintage Airstream or building a micro-house, and hopefully completing the next phase of a product I designed: a prototype for market availability. I trust you'll hold me to all of the above, Annika! <3 


Curious about this rad woman, head over to her portfolio and find out about her latest projects, here.