Franziska Schulze

I’m often asked how I decide who to include in the women's series and how I met them, and most of the time you will hear me say, “It’s intuitive”. Franziska is a perfect example. I can’t even remember where I saw or read something about her. She had a career change a couples years back, and I think I was one of the people who didn’t know that she was well known in the yoga and wellness industry because of her work. I almost felt embarassed when I didn’t know it and at the same moment I remembered that this is actually what it is I love the most about meeting these women. I don’t want to undervalue what they did in their former career or how they came to the point, but I love this natural moment of meeting someone where they are. There are so many expectations which we encounter every day and when I talk with the women , I don’t see as work- I see it as a moment of valuing their time, existence and finding the connecting dots or similiarties, where other women can get inspired too, without sounding cheesy, of course!

Franziska is a Life Coach based in Berlin and an impressive woman at that. I had the chance to meet her in one of her favorite places where we chatted about authenticity and truthfulness.

I met her in Berlin where we met in a beautiful cozy cafe, had breakfast together and talked about life and her work as a coach and why she loves Berlin . And it was one of the warmest talks I had (having nothing to do with speaking in German). It was more that I loved hearing how her work transforms people and what impact she has in others people life.

So sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and read the interview when you have a moment for yourself.

Franziska Schulze
Franziska Schulze
Franziska Schulze

You live in Berlin can you tell us what you do, how you work and why Berlin is the place you choose to live?

 I help people to find the deeper truths that their hearts know and to create their lives from that open space. I do this in my role as a Transformational Coach, inspirational speaker and blogger. Each Sunday I send a letter to my community with an inspirational video or blog article. From time to time I also give a talk. I chose to live in Berlin because for me the city embodies transformation and freedom like no other german city. Every time I come back home I feel a deep, widening breath going through my body. 

How do you define community?

For me community is a space where likeminded people come together and share a deeper question to life. For me it essential that the people who form a community empower each other to be completely themselves, to live their unique gifts, to speak up and to be free to stay or leave according to their own truth.

How do you start your day?

Usually with a cup of coffee in my bed. Then I get up and take my dog for a walk to the park next to my apartment in Berlin-Mitte. While he plays in the river that runs through the park, I take some deep breaths and do some stretches. When I feel very tired I add some wild dancing when I’m back home.

What would you do differently in your life?

I would trust myself even more.

How important is social media for you?

I mostly use social media to say what I have to say and hopefully inspire some people with my words and videos. A nice side effect is that through my postings I stay in touch with my coaching clients between the sessions. Sometimes they come to a session and give me their opinion on my postings and then we talk more deeply about it. I like how social media enables dialogue.

You previously worked in PR and had a well-known Yoga blog and switched your career two years ago, can you give us an insight how your life is different nowadays?

It wasn’t really a switch. I’d say it was a natural development into something that reflects even more who I really am and what I am here for. I’d say the biggest difference is that I now feel more connected and less stressed.

What is the task as a business owner that you would prefer to outsource?

Definitely IT and finance!

What have been the most helpful resources and tools when you were starting your new biz?

Google, haha! No, honestly: I am an autodidact by nature, meaning that everything I know and do I taught myself. I was never good in following instructions and using tools. For me it is not so much about the tool but about the ability to find and use what fits the individual situation.

Can you name two topics which you think should be more openly shared and discussed in your industry?

In my industry the so called leaders make a lot of money by selling “the secrets of happiness“ to people. I would appreciate more conversation about how to empower yourself and not blindly follow the second-hand truths of a self proclaimed authority.

Can we chat about assumption for a moment, what do you feel is the most prominent assumption people have about you and your life?

That I have figured it all out and that I am wise and unconditionally loving. The truth is that I am not and probably will never be in this lifetime (haha).

Where do you seek inspirations from; people, books, music, nature or all of it?

Yes, all of it – plus travelling and my coaching clients.

Franziska Schulze
Franziska Schulze
Franziska Schulze

Franziska Schulze
Franziska Schulze

Authenticity and Truthfulness play an essential role in your personal life and professional life, was it always a priority in your life or how did you found that it has a deep meaning for you?

It was quite the opposite. I was raised in a mindset that overvalued the opinion of others and undervalued the own authentic feelings and thoughts towards a situation. My job is a birth of my own transformation from living behind a thick, phony mask to allowing myself to be seen and heard like I really am.

How important is traveling for you?

I draw a lot of inspiration from traveling. I love the unique fragrance, colors, sounds and vibe that each country and city has. That makes me feel so alive!

How do you define your life purpose?

My purpose is to serve the journey back to the true self. I do this in walking my own path and supporting other people in the heavy storms of personal transformation. What drives me is my desire for a world where all human beings are capable of giving and receiving unconditional love. This kind of love has actually nothing to do with giving and receiving anymore, but that is another topic.

What do you love the most about your job?

That it is so extraordinarily creative. When a client sits down in front of me, she is like a naked canvas to me. Then, we start talking and the truth of her soul flowers like the brush stroke of an artist into a beautifully alive painting.

Who are people in your life that you don't want to miss and are role models for you?

My friends who are female leaders in a very feminine way. I adore their courage and their female strength.

What brings you pure joy?

When I feel deeply connected with someone or something. It often happens when I’m in nature or when I watch my dog doing what he does or when the heat of a debate cools down and we look each other in the eyes and intuitively know that we just shared one and the same pain that had seperated us.

Thanks for sharing your insides and the truthness in your words.

And for all my european friends , Franziska holds a bunch of Workshops in the Fall so if you interested to hear more from her or experience her in person- head either to her website


sign up for her next workshops in Europe.

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