Your soul is a robe of layers. These layers protect you in your messy moments and embrace you in the happiest times of your life. Many of the women I work with express a not-so-secret desire to peel of some of those layers, to shed the past and step into the present like Mother Nature does with her changing seasons.

I see ink—tattoos and other body art—as another layer of our soul, one that you choose, and while ink is found on the surface of your skin it reveals so much about those inner layers. Whether your ink captures the timeless memory of a special life occasion, a connection to another soul, or a pure dedication to your own personal style, your ink is a part of who you are in the world.

Within our HONEST AND WILD time, I will help you press pause on a moment in your life, fully embrace where you’ve been and where you going by being 100% where you are. We will awaken old affirmations, new desires, and spread out your positive vibes while uncovering the layers of your soul and empowering you to see yourself in a new way. I love to create images that allow women to truly witness their power, which helps strengthen their resolve to choose love above fear, relaxation more often than stress, and personal confidence over self doubt.

HONEST AND WILD will leave you  inspired, loved, truly seen, and with a new love and gratitude for yourself. If this in-depth opportunity speaks to you, contact me here and we will “unlayer" and nourish your soul. 


Let your soul journey begin here.

“Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” - Van Morrison