Moe Lincoln

As a creative/an artist  we putting a lot of effort to make a living out of the things we are deeply care about and have a deep passion for. So I am glad to feature the next inspiring stunning an hardworking lady here and chat with her about financial security and hard goal and short goals in life.  Moe is a singer/songwriter and works as her dayjob as an artist liaison at a venue in Portland. She graduated from the Northern Illinois university with a BA in Vocal Performance and Business administration and i had the honor to hear her singing live and can only suggest, listen to her amazing voice . She is one of the role models why this project means a lot to me and why it is so import to be together in this. To support each other and to break up those stereo type cliches. 
Enjoy another feature, with another inspiring woman.


Can you describe yourself by putting a short lyric together? Beautiful brown skin girl. Finding herself and discovering the world.

Beautiful brown skin girl. Finding herself and discovering the world. My girl, my girl, wanderer you are. Wearing your heart covered in scar. Oh, beautiful brown skin girl, someday soon you'll take over the world. 

When did you know that you wanted to make a living by making music and how can your art support others? 

I knew in 5th grade - I sang in a talent show and won. On stage, singing is a feeling I cannot describe in worlds. It takes a village to make music, I support others by bringing them on my team for my projects. 


If you could give another artist an advice how to manifest their goals what would say? 

Don't listen to anyone that tell you you can't. If there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way. 

With what kind of cliches do you get confronted with as musician?

 People asking me what my day job is, since musicians don't make "real" money. 

Who is your biggest support in your professional career? 

My sweet sweet mother! Bless her heart, she believes in me when I don't! 

Do you have a dayjob and is it related to your music profession? 

I am artist liaison at a venue. 

Are you a hard longterm goal believer or short soft goals believer? 

Both. Gotta set long one first, the create little short goals to get to the long ones. 




How important is financial security for your art? 

Very, but like most careers building up financial security takes time and investment. My art is my business and with smart planning and investing back into myself I know I will come out on top. 

How is your relationship towards social media?

LOVE-HATE!! Love it for exposer and getting my name and music out to the world, hate that I spend more time on it doing pleasure then business. 

What do you love the most about the music you are creating?

Hearing the positive feedback from friends, family, and fans, someone can relate to the exact same thing I was going through when I wrote the song - and I sang the words in ways they couldn't be expressed themselves. 


Thanks so much Moe for sharing some of your thoughts with us!!

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Stay tuned for the next feature in two weeks...