Aleks Glitzeric- Magical Life of Aleks- Heart Activism

Why is empowerment so close to your heart?
Because I know how it is if you don't trust yourself and have so many dreams, but keep only dreaming instead of doing - you are afraid to fail, you might believe that you're not worth living your dreams or mostly we're afraid what others will think of us.  I lied a lot to myself until I had such a deep point that I just wanted to be happy. Empowerment means for me to use your voice, listen to your intuition, being brave and authentic by speaking and living your truth. So this means a lot to me because I see how people are afraid of what others think and this is so sad!!! In the end, no one will benefit from this. It would be much more magical if we're all going by our hearts. I was the people pleaser number 1 - I wanted to be everybody's darling and I'm still getting into situations where I  get friendly reminders that I'm worthy even if not everyone has the same opinion as I have and also if people feel touched by my actions - we're all on our journey and this isn't always pleasant. As I trigger something in others, they do with me too, and if I'm open, I can heal a lot inside of myself. 
For those who are not familiar with your incredible journey and your endless positive energy, could you put in 8 words what you doing?
Going after whatever feels right - no logic needed! :D
You travel minimalistic and what essentials you have always with you and what do they stand for?
My essential oils, some crystals, sage, my jade yoga mat, bikini, coconut oil, some (two, three) light dresses, leggings and one short denim pants. Oh, and my adored Luna sandals. Yes, I think this is basically everything I need. My oils are actually my alternative travel medicine kit. 
Living in different countries, walking barefoot in Bali, meeting people from different cultures, listening to many languages, spending time in an ashram = I was in a Vipassana Meditation Centre :) and graduate as a yoga teacher from your recent training, how did your view of life change and how does it changed your relationships with friends, family, and your soulmate?
I'm getting more and more tolerant, accepting and openness. For myself, my feelings, needs, values, thoughts, but also from other people and even more if they have different views, opinions, and lifestyles. I think this is really an important part. Accepting myself and others without being always so hard to myself and people around me just makes life lighter. There is a bigger benefit if we focus on love, listening, understanding each other and being empathic.
And: Home is where Adam is. (And some sun and exotic fruits, please!:D). 
Your workshops have a self-care and self -love flow, what can women expect when they attend your workshops and have you a  daily self- care ritual?
That probably some shame will come up. Maybe not in the yoga lessons, but probably in my empowerment workshops where you come to embrace your voice, connect back to your intuition, share out of a vulnerable, raw place which can be uncomfortable. But this is okay, it's how we grow, how we expand our comfort zone and actually start to FEEL and recognize that we're all in the same boat, but we can't discover it if we don't open up our hearts and minds. 
My daily self-care ritual right now is walking in the forest with my hot lemon water and Barney (Adam's family dog), do a sun meditation, hug my inner child, meditate, listen to the river, do some yoga (the best for me and my back but most uncomfortable: sweaty practice) and don't stress myself. But basically, I need my daily dose of drinking something warm in the morning and do at least a short meditation. It helps me to stay mindful and connected to my heart. Let's see how it will look like in Prague - I love to go out for self-love-dates - having coffee, dinner or wine just by myself, yes! 
Working on your book,writing articles and recording videos for your audience how you get didn't distract by social media or other life distractions?
We started with having one offline day per week - this means the evening before we put all the devices aside and we're till after the breakfast on the second day offline. Also, since we travel there is not always the best internet (or internet at all) and we don't buy any sim cards. I also had several long periods without the internet, like during my 10 days silent meditation or in August during a summer camp in the mountains of Slovakia. 
When we travelled from Guatemala to Mexiko I lost my mobile phone and I felt super relieved. So all these things help me get more and more space between precious offline time (where I can focus on the present moment) and the need of scrolling through Social-Media. Somehow I feel the need less and less. But of course, I have also times where I watch youtube videos like for one day like crazy... But then at the end of the day, I mostly feel super shitty because I didn't do anything for myself and created something valuable but just consumed. I think it's good to think of the time spending on Social-Media as CONSUMING instead of CREATING. And also I rather consume stuff like reading books or articles then just scrolling some feeds because I have some real value from it. And one thing really made me think: Think of your feeds as visualization board. Just follow and consume things that are really valuable and clean up what doesn't really serve or inspire you. 
So my quick tips: 
1. Get clear about if you rather consume or create (aka "I don't have time" - if you have time to scroll, you have time to get shit done)
2. Install helpful apps like FREEDOM and block all the websites that distract you.
3. Choose an offline day.
4. Go for an internet-detox and stay a couple of days completely offline. 

Who is your soul support? Who are your mentors?
Adam, my family (especially my sister and I are creating a deeper and stronger bond) and also my friend Deborah. I love to get inspired by books and conscious people I know from the online world. For example Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl), Ashley Paquin, Pema Chödrön, all my yoga books, my yoga teachers Heidi Grace and Heidi Michelle and all the beautiful soul sisters around the planet. 

Yoga, Mediation- Happiness compared to money and having a 9-5 life how you feel about it since you travel?
I think more and more that time is so precious and that I really don't want to spend 10-12 of 24 hours sitting somewhere I don't feel my heart is really jumping, doing something that isn't fulfilling me 100%. I need time for myself. For my rituals. With Adam. For creating. The inside job is actually a 24 hours job. :)
And still, I catch myself in really old patterns which I adopted probably somewhere at school, former jobs and so on and think I need to put 100 things on my to-do list (and make them all super perfect of course...) and then feel like a loser at the end of the day because I couldn't accomplish it. 
Last new moon I made some beautiful, magical rituals and wrote down my own success rules and what it really means for me and my soul to be successful. And it includes all the opposite of what the "normal" society expects success to be. 
And I'm programming new habits and beliefs and they include money and other things in abundance - for all of us, there is enough. Every time I start to get stressed because of money and think of lack instead of abundance something happens where I "lose" my money. I also buy myself the awesome vegan food I would restrict because it's too expensive. This is bullshit. I'm worth it. Why not?! :) 
No yoga = no balanced and conscious Aleks. It's pretty simple. And I get reminded every day. So for me, success is staying close to my soul, connect with my inner light and love. 
What do you think fear most women and what holds them back to be creative and the life they desire?
Maybe fear what others think?  Fear of not being perfect? Fear of not being enough? Fear of failure? Fear of getting pushed away? 
And it comes all from a lack of self-love, self-trust and self-acceptance. We don't need to focus on the fear, but ask ourselves WHY we feel unworthy? And HOW we can love ourselves a little bit more today? 
It's good to write down how you feel, how you want to feel and create a bridge between. For example, I always felt my ex-boyfriend lied to me. But never ever I was thinking that I was doing the exact same. Maybe it was not looking the same or same topic, but I was lying. To myself. To my heart. I didn't listen to my intuition at all. Well... this kind of principle "works" till a big explosion happens and we really get forced from the universe or whatever you want to call it, to take ACTION and make a change. :)
Last, three words and could you complement with emotions you feel when you read them?
Vegan- compassion and understanding that we all deserve to be free, happy, loved and with our loved ones. 
Happiness- increases when you're grateful, start to accept yourself, when you feel whatever needs to be felt instead of pushing it away and when you stop doing things that don't fulfil you and focus on what makes your heart expand. 
Travel- gratitude, patience, simplicity - it teaches you to just go with the flow (aka waiting for 5 hours for a bus on a dark road and getting used to sleeping e v e r y w h e r e).