"It was an honor to get to work with Annika out in nature, capturing my dream photos for my life and business. Annika offers an authentic heart charm that naturally allows you to show up fully for your photo session at hand. Annika's work is more than capturing the next 'it' photo. These photos represent a personal symbolism of womanhood and self love. Her fine eye for comfort and detail supports those in front of the camera to feel at home in the dance of allowing the authentic beauty of who you are to shine through."





"Annika is incredibly passionate about what she does and how she does it, she is patient and loving and really takes her time in crafting a methodical approach to whatever project she is working on. She listens and is very attentive to the direction I wanted to go. She truly is a master of her craft."



"I think Annika is incredibly inspiring, truly a vision of inspiration and courage. She has an incredible gift for seeing beauty and creativity and she's so supportive of her woman tribe. Working with her will allow you to gain a true sense of support and inspiration."