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SOULBASE is an annual print publication and a written and visual art project by Annika Bielig Bussmann.

It features a collective of women who shifted their professional and personal lives to pursue a more creative life, whether through a side hustle or full-time professional career. This magazine is here to be a tangible place of inspiration in times of new beginnings. A moment to take time for yourself, and connect with fellow women who understand the belly laughing joyful moments and tummy twisting scary moments that come with making a creative shift.

Shifts and new beginnings are part of our lives. They are like a fine line, a moment marked in time.

Shifts and new beginnings always sound easy, are sometimes trendy and are universally appealing. We all desire to break out of our comfort zones and live our lives to the fullest, but making the shift is often more difficult than it seems.

Shifts and new beginnings can be planned or they can approach us out of nowhere. Sometimes, they’re much bigger than we can ever imagine.

A shift is an opportunity, a possibility and the moment where we can recalibrate our compasses and point our lives in a new direction.

And a shift is a slow process, something that can affect our lives in a good but also vulnerable way, whether switching a job, switching a field, launching our own brand or moving to a new city or country. It is a long-lasting journey, with twists, turns and beauty, and throughout it, we look for a place to center and ground and connect.

What do you need the most after a shift or a new beginning? Where do you find your inspiration when your creative bucket is empty or your soul is distracted?

Most of the time, we find inspiration in books, magazines and by sharing our experiences with people who have been there and can relate to our situation.

I call it building your “soul base” back.

But sometimes we hesitate to share or feel isolated or like we don’t belong. We are all looking for people who we can relate to, but that “soul base” can be hard to find.

That’s why I created SOULBASE: to connect people from all over the world who need a dose of inspiration, connection, encouragement, and a place for your soul to call home.

How did this project start and who is behind this magazine?

Ten years ago, Annika Bielig Bussmann moved to Portland, Oregon from Germany with her now husband and shifted her life completely from being a nutrition coach to being a photographer, a creative and a mother. After her first son passed away in 2013 and her second son was born in 2015, she experienced more seasons of shifts and new beginnings as she adapted to motherhood and building a new career and network. Today, she is still balancing life as an expat, juggling motherhood and being a rainbow mama and working as a photographer and founder of SOULBASE

Some of the things that have always filled Annika’s creative bucket are conversations with fellow artists, mothers and expats and creating a nourishing environment to collaborate with others instead of walking this journey alone.

SOULBASE was created for women who seek simplicity, open and authentic conversations, moments that nourish our creative bucket and honest inspiration to create a fulfilling life after a major shift.

This collection is for makers, for creators, for mothers and for women who want to make a shift or have shifted their lives.

It’s a place where you can set aside a peaceful moment for yourself to see and read about other women just like you, to hear their insights and to be inspired by the lives they’ve created.

I hope that their journeys and stories will fill up your soul and give you the confidence to know that you can do it too.

Beginning Issue

coming November 2019