Kristin and Savaan are the founder behind Verdurouswomen, a platform all about life and plants. They met at the library during their time as full-time childcare providers, spending their days nurturing and guiding children into deeper discovery and play. Plants and the love for design and aesthetic have been a connection dot from the beginning and they started together the platform , as a way to honor and connect other plantladies. After reaching out to them , I got a chance and talk with them a little about how it started and what role plants play in their life.

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How did you both meet and how was the idea of Verdurous Women born?

We ran into each other at the library and were immediately pulled into conversation. After exchanging numbers and personal instagrams we discovered how much we have in common. We quickly realized our love of plants and similar values aligned. After deciding we wanted to do a creative project together the idea of Verdurous Women came about. Supporting women and plants soon became our passion. 

What are your favorite plant shops, botanic gardens and plant place havens? 

We have been spoiled for choice with plant shops in Portland. Together we love leaving the city for a bit to drive out to Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island. For Saavan the ultimate plant haven is the Huntington Library and Botanic Garden. Although the grounds are in the middle of the city, walking through the gardens completely transports you to the most peaceful state of mind. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area you have to check out this incredible place! Kristin finds plant havens through her travels and loves seeing plants grow in their natural habitat. Botanicactus on the island of Mallorca, Spain would be her ultimate plant haven. Walking through one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe with over 12,000 cacti is magical. 



Why do you feel plants make people happy and what other benefits does life with plants have to offer? 

We both believe that if you put plants in any space it immediately makes it more inviting. Our interior styles differ in many ways but we both believe it is important to bring life into our homes with plants. Kristin has a very specific mid century, desert oasis style to her design, while Saavan has a more minimal, jungle bungalow feel to her home. Both are vibrant and lively in their own ways and that’s due to the abundance of plants. 

What are three topics you would love to chat more often with someone new or with someone who you feel a connection to? 

For both of us backstory is so telling! Learning about each other’s history helps inform where someone is now and where they aspire to be. As creatives we always find inspiration in other people’s passions even if they aren’t our own! And cats. We always want to talk about cats

What role does social media play in your creative life? 

Social media has not only been a creative outlet for us but it has also been and incredible tool for connection. Instagram has the incredible capacity to bridge every corner of the world and connect likeminded individuals. We have found an incredible community on instagram that has pushed us creatively and personally. Verdurous Women is something we created specifically for the Instagram platform and without it we would be in very different places in the development of this project.

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You’ve reached over 10K people with your Instagram channel; your main approach to Verdurous Women. Will you be announcing any new collaborations or workshops there soon? 

At this point we are focusing our energy on developing our brand and deciding which way we want to take Verdurous Women next. Of course we have collaborations on our mind and are open to working with other brands but for now we aren’t seeking any projects out so we can focus on solidifying our message and goals for our brand.

What have been the most challenging moments since starting Verdurous Women and what have been the most rewarding so far? 

Our platform has allowed us to build incredible creative and personal relationships with many people and businesses which is by far our favorite part of our platform. The most challenging moments have been when those connections don’t work out or we are turned down from collaborating with people we admire. However those missed connections always yield inspiring and challenging conversations between the two of us which has helped us develop our brand further. It always reminds us of what is important and what we need to let go of, which is a very grounding experience. 

What typical questions or issues do you face regularly with Verdurous Women? 

One thing that has proven itself challenging has been saying no to opportunities that don’t entirely match up with our values. It doesn’t happen a ton since we are still very small but we still want to conserve our energy and attention for mindful collaborations. 

Social media is an important tool for Verdurous Women, what advice can you give others to avoid falling into the hamster wheel of comparison? 

Before we started our account we set the intention to build other women up and support like minded individuals. So when we find other successful accounts we try and view them as inspiring rather that tools for comparison. 

Thanks so much Kristin & Savaan for the little behind the scenes insider all about your love for plants and your creative life.

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